United in the snow.
Connected on the net.



Swisscom is main sponsor of Swiss-Ski. They wanted to create a unique connection between fans and athletes at the Alpine World Ski Championships in Switzerland.


Swisscom enabled fans to motivate their team in a new way. Fans submitted messages that were transformed into a giant piece of snow art. Web-controlled snow robots drew the messages into the snow. A specially designed font made it possible to draw the messages in one continuous line. The drawing covered 20 km of messages and equalled 16 football pitches in size. The athletes saw it before their race. Within days the snow drawing became talk of the town and was seen by every third Swiss.


> Digital fan message
> Specially engineered snow blower
> Message drawn in the snow

> Athletes activated ski fans on social media
> The online film spread the word
> The campaign site gathered all messages

Snow Drawings Font
Specially designed to write in snow in one continuous line

Regular GPS
Accuracy 30 cm

Snow Drawings GPS
Accuracy 2 cm

Online Film